The Look of Success – A Personal Journey – Style Analysis

I recently wrote about Filippa’s makeover – she’s the model who was “photoshopped” for a Ralph Lauren ad – but unlike that virtual process, everything about this Style Analysis, for Liz, is real – on a real body and for a real life!

I explained to Liz, that this stage of her journey would take at least three and a half hours. We had a lot to accomplish.

First step, to address her body proportions:

o Sloping or straight shoulders, narrow or broad?

o High bust or low?

o Full hips or narrow?

o Short legs or long?

These are just a few of the measurements that would ultimately determine the most successful looks for Liz. The best skirt length, the right pant silhouette, the most flattering jacket, a turtleneck or cowl, wide belts or narrow – all these issues, plus, so many more, would be resolved, once I knew her body proportions. As many of you know, my background is haute couture and there is no better training for understanding the challenges of dressing the female figure!

Part two of the Style Analysis takes an in depth look at the client’s style or clothing “personality.” This is strongly influenced by body proportions. Let me give you some examples: Dolly Parton could never wear Audrey Hepburn’s streamlined looks, nor could Nicole Kidman carry Jennifer Lopez’s signature sense of style. Once you know, understand and accept your body shape – regardless of weight gains or losses -you’ll know your best look.

It was essential that Liz understood her figure as it actually is, that she knew her assets and not focus on her limitations, before our first shopping spree. The entire personality becomes self-evident, once the client understands her body proportions and Liz was quick to grasp the nuances.

There was still a lot to review. I gave Liz our Figure and Style Analysis Manual and we went through a final checklist including her best:

o fit and “hang” of garments

o collar styles

o sleeve styles

o shape of shoulders on a garment

o lengths for skirts, pants -even sleeves

o pocket styles

Well, you get the general idea. Comprehensive is an understatement!

And before we move on to our Colour Analysis session, next Tuesday, here’s what Liz had to say.

“During this session, she measured my body proportions to determine what styles of clothing work best with my body to achieve my desired image. She just didn’t tell me what to wear; she took the time to teach me WHY certain styles work best for me. Thankfully, she recorded this information in a style guide -I’d never be able to remember everything and it’s perfect to take with me when I go shopping. Thank you, I’m looking forward to our next session on colour.”

Stay tuned!

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